GradeXpert is used by primary and secondary schools across Australia. Here’s what just a few of them have to say:

“This resource is helping our staff stay informed and readily access student data – it has improved our record keeping, student progress tracking as well as our communication of student behaviour and well-being.”
     – Cheryl Van Deursen, Principal, Cranbourne Primary School, VIC

“GradeXpert service is very reliable and they have been incredibly helpful in bringing our vision to life.”
     – Lauren Brooks, Assistant Head of Campus, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic College, NT

“GradeXpert has been such a fantastic asset to our school. The ‘notes’ section of Gradexpert has been a stunning success at our school because of the nature of our clientele.”
     – Lisa Van Rooy, Leading Teacher, Morwell Park PS, VIC

“Thanks again for such fabulous support! Really appreciate it!”
     – Leonie Lapthorne, Southern Cross PS, VIC

“Thank you for your support. You guys were great!”
     – Christine Locke, Visual Arts Teacher, Maramba Primary School, VIC

“We’re loving GradeXpert – from reports, to notes to ILPs. PS We are LOVING reports with GradeXpert.”
     – Nicole Richards, Assistant Principal, Elwood Primary School, VIC

“You are wonderful!!!!  Thanks a million. Your support and immediate assistance is invaluable. You are so reliable and helpful.”
     – Rosemary Agnew, Greenvale Primary School, VIC

“GradeXpert PD sessions were informative, user friendly and very professionally run … they really know their stuff and are very supportive – whatever the need. Thank you!”
     – Julie Evans, Leading Teacher, Mossgiel Park Primary School, VIC

“The Attendance feature on GradeXpert has transformed the way we engage with roll marking. Not only does it put the power of the attendance records back in the hands of our teachers – it means our students can get a visual feedback on their attendance. This helps us with setting meaningful goals and celebrating success. The Attendance Summary section is simple to use and profoundly useful. I highly recommend this feature to anyone already using GradeXpert or looking for a LMS.”
     – Leigh Johnson, Acting Principal, Boronia West Primary School, VIC

“Thanks so much– we are amazed by this program and the work it is saving us!”
     – Adrian Quirk, PSD Coordinator, Morwell Park PS, VIC

“GradeXpert has revolutionised communication in our school. It’s so easy to use. The support is direct, immediate and really helpful. We are still just scratching the surface of this program’s potential.”
     – Lisa Van Rooy, Leading Teacher, Morwell Park PS, VIC

“GradeXpert has made a huge difference to our ability to track our students and use our data more effectively and the more we learn the more we love it! We really appreciate your support and willingness to do whatever it takes to make our ideas become a reality.”
     – Helen Basham, Principal, Mount Evelyn PS, VIC

“You’re doing a great job with this program.  We are loving it here at Alfredton and certainly finding more and more benefits for our children and us in using it!!”
     – Lynn Thorp, Alfredton Primary School, VIC

“I love how we can keep all our data together. GradeXpert has the potential to be brilliant.”
     – Diane Hook, Tooradin Primary School, VIC

“Each time I have made contact regarding support either phone or email, I have always received a timely response, and a solution to my problem.”
     – Tracie Schwartz, Spring Parks Primary School, VIC

“A great tool to store and analyse data, both academic and welfare. You guys are doing a tremendous job. The thing i like most about your company is that you listening to your clients. Keep up the great work!”
     – Craig Harrison, Port Melbourne Primary School, VIC

“Overall happy, as I use it continually on a daily basis.”
     – Melita Samovojska, Mooroopna Park Primary School, VIC

“I am your biggest fan. Got through the new reporting system relatively unharmed! Love learning new things about the program.”
     – Lili Arganaraz, Roxburgh Rise Primary School, VIC

“We are really happy with GradeXpert at our school!!”
     – Sarah Nixon, Pakenham Consolidated School, VIC

“It’s pretty much a ‘one stop shop’ when utilised fully. Once staff are familiar with all functions it could potentially be the only software needed.”
     – Liz Hay, Miners Rest Primary School, VIC

“Its been fantastic for our school. We use it for reports, attendance, notes, SSG’s, ILP’s, pretty much all tracking.”
     – Brant Kennedy, Mooroolbark East Primary School, VIC

“… efficient and very timely – problems solved very quickly. :)”
     – Erin Ranie, Gray Primary School, NT

“Our first time use of the student report aspect of the program went very smoothly for our staff. It was a much more streamlined process than what we have had in place in the past.”
     – Amanda Henning, Dallas Brooks Community Primary School, VIC

“Quick turnaround when needing assistance and always happy to remote in and fix problems.”
     – Phil Darbyshire, Tecoma Primary School, VIC

“Excellent support from all aspects. very supportive and prompt phone advice and remote access.”
     – Helen Briggs, Chandler Park Primary School, VIC

“I have found that it was easier to get data on my new students at the start of the year.”
     – Nathan White, Cardinia Primary School, VIC

“I commend the team for their calmness, approachability and exemplary professionalism.”
     – Monique Corcoran, Cranbourne South Primary School, VIC



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