GradeXpert is a Student Information System, including data management, analytics and reporting, that is an affordable, flexible and fully customisable solution for K-12 schools.

Centralise and manage all student data, including any type of assessment & outcome, individual learning plans, student medical details and welfare & behaviour notes, attendance, semester reports, digital portfolios, parent communications and much, much more.

Student Maps

Centralise all assessment outcomes in one place. read more..

Student Welfare

Easily log student welfare and behavioural incidents. read more..

Learning Improvement Plans

Easily create learning, behaviour and attendance improvement plans. read more..

Parent Portal

Upload newsletters, semester reports, permission forms and more, and accept online payments. read more..

Semester Reports

Easily see student growth or effect size since their last report. read more..


Take classroom attendance quickly and easily, as often as needed. read more..

Expert Advice and Support

Talk to a person, not a machine via phone, email, remote access or instant chat.

And more

Digital Student Portfolios, Student Indicators for Easy Grouping, Teacher Comment Banks for Reports. read more..

Student Maps

  • Take control of your student data with GradeXpert’s incredible Student Maps!
  • Centralise all your student assessment outcomes in one place.
  • Replace all your different Excel spreadsheets!
  • See any number of different assessments for any time period on a single page.
  • Enter results for any type of assessment and using any scoring method.
  • Calculated result types automatically convert your results into other values, e.g. ‘below’, ‘at’, ‘above’, A-E, etc.
  • Graph an entire map with a single click to see comparison of results, student progress over time and distribution of results.
  • Easily see student growth and cohort effect size.
  • Thousands of colour-coding options for any type of outcome.
  • Use maps for your assessment schedule, end of year handover maps, growth analysis and school-wide analytics.

Watch the Student Maps intro video below (about 4 minutes – please turn on your speakers)

“GradeXpert is helping our staff stay informed and readily access student data – it has improved our record keeping, student progress
tracking as well as our communication of student behaviour and well-being.”
– Cheryl Van Deursen, Principal, Cranbourne Primary School, VIC

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Semester Reports

Australia’s favourite student reporting system just got even better!

Easily see student growth or effect size since their last report.

Design your own multi-page report layouts.

Colour-code progression points by year level and semester.

Easily integrate with your existing school management systems.

“Our first time use of the student report aspect of the program went very smoothly for our staff. It was a much more streamlined process than what we have had in place in the past.”
– Amanda Henning, Dallas Brooks Community Primary School, VIC

Student Welfare

Keep track of student welfare and behavioural incidents with GradeXpert!

  • Easily log student welfare and behavioural incidents.
  • Link multiple students to a single incident.
  • Attach photos or documents to a welfare incident for future reference.
  • Create any number of incident or welfare categories.
  • Summarise and print welfare and behaviour incidents by date, year level, type, student, etc.
  • View all welfare and behavioural incidents for a student over a number of years in one place.
  • Automatically notify other staff members of incidents as they occur by email.
  • Automatically send details of incidents to parents.

“GradeXpert has been such a fantastic asset to our school. The ‘notes’ section of GradeXpert has been a stunning success at our school because of the nature of our clientele.”
– Lisa Van Rooy, Leading Teacher, Morwell Park PS, VIC

GradeXpert Parent Portal

Upload newsletters, student reports, incidents, learning plans and more. Create online permission forms and school notices. Accept online payments with detailed reporting.

  • Create flexible parent notices, with attachments, for any type of event for parents to access, optionally requesting parent permission.
  • Accept secure online payments for incursions or excursions, school fees and more, eliminating manual payments and cash handling.
  • Upload your end of semester reports, incident details and individual learning plans to provide parents with easy and ongoing access to all past reports, incidents, learning plans and more.
  • View detailed breakdowns of responses to your notices, such as number of responses received; permission denied percentage and more. Reports with student photos can be printed to accompany your excursion.
  • Notices are created and maintained in the GradeXpert application. All parent responses can be easily analysed in real time in GradeXpert. Notices can also be printed or emailed to parents or other staff members.
  • Create school events in the GradeXpert Calendar, and make them visible to parents when using the GradeXpert Parent Portal.
  • Intuitive and easy to use for parents – no app required, works on any device with a browser.


Quickly and easily take student attendance with GradeXpert!

  • Take classroom attendance quickly and easily, as often as needed.
  • See attendance records for the past month for any student.
  • Include student photos and term-by-term attendance history when taking attendance.
  • Easily see which teachers haven’t yet taken attendance, or which students have a poor attendance record.
  • Select absence reasons from a customisable list of absence codes.
  • Easily manage future absences.
  • Attendance details feed directly into GradeXpert student semester reports.
  • Detailed summary reporting on attendance for any time period, for any cohort.
  • Easily upload attendance data to your school management system.

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Learning Improvement Plans

  • Easily create learning, behaviour and attendance improvement plans.
  • Customise learning plans by adjusting column headers, learning areas and number of columns.
  • Use your own templates to quickly create student plans, keeping the format of your student plans consistent across your whole school.
  • Keep all student plans for each student in one place, making it easy to view past student plans for previous years.
  • Attach any type of document to a learning plan.
  • Re-use earlier plans for other students, automatically changing student names and pronouns.
  • Summarise all learning plans school-wide in one place.

“GradeXpert has made a huge difference to our ability to track our students and use our data more effectively and the more we learn the more we love it! We really appreciate your support and willingness to do whatever it makes to make our ideas become a reality.”
– Helen Basham, Principal, Mount Evelyn PS, VIC

Plus more!

  • Ensure parents are always kept informed of student achievement, wellbeing issues, learning plans, semester reports and unexplained absences.
  • Create digital student portfolios of work samples, including video clips and images, accessible for years.
  • Group students into any colour-coded category you like, to easily identify and report on students in particular groups such as EAL, indigenous, reading groups and so on.
  • Import and share your current comment banks to make report writing quicker and easier.

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