About Us

GradeXpert was founded in 2004 with a goal of developing the most flexible and powerful student assessment tracking software system available, to meet the demanding needs of teachers, schools, principals and state education departments across Australia.

The very first version was called Grades and was developed in 1999 for a school that simply wanted an easy way of centrally tracking and reporting on student assessment results from year to year. At the time they were using a combination of spreadsheets and many other different programs, which was all too cumbersome with no central repository of information.

Since then GradeXpert has evolved into one of the most sophisticated student data management, analytics and reporting applications available. Our uniqueness is that we focus on what counts: the tools and information to allow teachers and schools to target their teaching efforts for maximum effectiveness in student achievement. We believe there already exists a plethora of “school management” applications and systems in the market, in fact we partner with some of the very best in order to provide a “whole of school system” to our customers. So we’ve focused on being the very best in our niche area which has student achievement as front and center of our guiding mission.

At GradeXpert we’re continuously evolving and committed to improving our offerings. Based on the feedback and ever changing needs of our family of users, we will continue to provide you the best student assessment and information management solution available.

GradeXpert is based in Melbourne, Australia.

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