We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the value of GradeXpert. In line with this we’ve developed an ecosystem around us of niche operators and applications, each specialists in their own area of expertise, that when integrated together and working in unison with GradeXpert, have proven to be a formidable solution to cover most of the functions required by a school – including parent communications, payments, parent/teacher interviews and timetabling. This has demonstrated a richer environment and a better outcome for schools, as opposed to one application that tries to be everything to everyone, but lacking any real depth in any of the areas of key functionality.

GradeXpert works with many companies to allow easy integration with other services and systems. Check them out below.

School engagement and parent communication app

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  • GradeXpert seamlessly integrates with industry-leading parent communication tool Tiqbiz

  • Conveniently send notifications of behaviour or medical incidents, student learning plans and ‘please explain absence’ requests directly to parent smartphones, tablets and computers from within GradeXpert.

  • Efficiently send interim andsemester reports  electronically and save time, administrative resources and paper costs.

  • Immediate notifications to parents ensure timely communications.

  • Easily track and re-send sent notifications.

  • Free for parents to use.

  • Multilingual – the language translation tool helps people for whom English is a second language. Parents simply set their preferred language in preferences and everything is received translated.

  • Passtab is another Tiqbiz app that integrates with GradeXpert to manage student lateness & sign-in/out, sickbay monitoring, and a school visitor sign-in/out process … and all from a convenient tablet located at the front school reception desk.

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timetabling-solutions Powerful and flexible school timetabling software

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Timetabling Solutions – Powerful and flexible school timetabling software

  • Use Timetabling Solutions at your school to set up your timetables, and then easily transfer that information into GradeXpert, making it easy to group students by their subject classes in GradeXpert, instead of just home room class.

  • Timetabling Solutions produces a suite of products to assist schools in the complex task of planning, developing, publishing and managing their educational program. It is developed and supported by professional timetablers and used by over 60% of independent schools within Australia.

  • The integration of timetabling into GradeXpert ensures middle and senior schools can easily manage all students in their different subject classes across all year levels when entering or analysing subject scores and teacher comments.

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essential-assessment Online, Differentiated, Personalised Curriculum

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  • Essential Assessment is a leading provider of a unique Australian Curriculum, Victorian Curriculum and NSW Syllabus Numeracy and Literacy assessment and curriculum model that delivers a whole school approach to formative and summative assessment for Australian schools.
  • Essential Assessment is a smart and differentiated online assessment and curriculum model that diagnostically assesses each student in relation to the curriculum and provides them with aligned curriculum to grow each student’s knowledge from their current understanding.
  • The Essential Assessment website provides GradeXpert-ready import files containing student assessment outcomes completed on their website. Results can be easily imported into GradeXpert for analytics and comparison purposes.
  • Contact us if you’re using (or planning on using) Essential Assessments and we’ll set up these assessments for you in GradeXpert.

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learning-project Transforming Teachers, Transforming Learners

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  • The Learning Project is the result of an inspiring Literacy Project undertaken in remote Northern Territory that transformed the way teachers taught literacy and the way students learnt how to read.
  • The Learning Project team builds on the work of the Literacy Projects to support the promotion and elevation of existing school intentions around student learning, academic performance and teacher pedagogy across the curriculum. This is achieved by building the capacity of teachers through targeted Professional Development adapted to the needs of each school. We build authentic Professional Learning Communities that not only share but implement good practice. This creates flexible, creative and adaptive teachers who are able to cater for a wide variety of learners now and into the future.
  • GradeXpert and The Learning Project work together to provide schools with meaningful, customised reports that schools can use for targeted learning intervention.

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