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  • Easy to use, intuitive interface.
  • Graphically compare students to benchmarks and previous results.
  • Add detailed comments for each result.
  • Create Individual Learning Plans for each student.
  • Unlimited telephone, email and online support.

  • Follow student group progress from term to term and year to year.
  • Analyse and understand your whole school’s results at the click of a mouse.
  • Create student Semester Reports with one click.
  • Easy integration with your existing systems.

" invaluable tool for tracking individual students and cohorts..."
Adrian Calderwood,
Warrnambool East Primary School

"GradeXpert has been an excellent solution..."
Simon Berg, Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School

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GradeXpert Is One of the Best Student Assessment Tracking Tools in Australia

Keeping track of the grades, assessment scores and more for each student in your school can be a challenge. While there are a number of tools available to help with this task, the more students you have, the harder tracking their achievements will become. The easy-to-use interface on our school management system software makes using our student assessment tracking tools simple. This will allow every member of your faculty to use every facet of our reporting tools to create the student assessment analysis that Australia requires and is needed to assess students' ability to advance in their studies.

Our Educational Assessment Tools Make Record Keeping Simple

The simple yet intuitive interface built into our student assessment reporting tools makes it easy for your teachers to use our program. They can enter the latest test scores and compare entries, as well as analyse the results in both qualitative and quantitative modes. Our school management system is intended to help your teachers with longitudinal student assessment tracking and to let them see problems as they begin to develop rather than waiting until they have become serious.

Student Assessment Reporting in Australia Is Vital

As an educational institute, no one realises more than you just how important accurate assessment reporting is in educational success. With our tools, you and your staff will be in a much better position to produce the reports needed for both the government and private funding organisations. Both of these require you to use some form of educational reporting tools for Australia-based schools in order to award you and your students with the necessary funding to continue on with their education. You can use our system to compare your students' results with those of their classmates and the rest of your school, as well as with the rest of the state or on a national level.

Our Developmental Performance Tools Let You Compare

One of the most commonly used performance analysis techniques today is to compare students within a grade level. Our developmental student performance analysis tools are designed to make it simple for your teachers to use graphs to compare the results of one or more of their students using specified benchmarks. Each student performance assessment can include an assessment results comparison report, combined results by range report, and an individual student report. Our developmental performance tools let you and your teachers track your students on a term to term or year to year basis.

Keeping Track of Your Student's Performance Has Never Been Easier

As you are more than well aware, over the years there have been many different forms of student reporting tools in Australia. Most of them required the use of several different methods and programs to get the job done. Worse yet, in many cases the results obtained were skewed and inaccurate at best and often left your school looking far less successful than it really was. Our educational reporting tools have been designed to make creating complete and extremely accurate reports that are as simple as possible. To help ensure implementation and continuity, we provide you with unlimited support via phone, email and internet.

Send the Message Home

Open communication between teachers and parents is essential to effective learning. Our software makes writing school reports easy, so that parents can fully understand how their child is performing and behaving at school. It also eases the work load for teachers – report writing time for teachers can often be a very busy time, with many students to assess and report cards to fill in. Once you’ve tried our writing school report software, you’ll never use anything else.